A little more about me....

I'm first and foremost a mother of 2 AMAZING young ladies!!  They are the light of my life, and my INSPIRATION!!  Those 2 young ladies (along with my truly AMAZING husband) motivate me to be the best person I can possibly be and because of them; all of this is possible!

So, Im 40 years old and we established that I have 2 amazing daughters and a wonderful supportive husband.  I have spent the last 10+ years employed as a cardiac RN at a local hospital in St. Paul, MN.    I graduated from high school in 1993 and was raised primarily in the area of NE Minneapolis; Columbia Heights to be exact, but I always maintained close ties to St. Paul thru extended family.   I won't bore you with the "story of my childhood", we've all got one and mine is no more special or impressive then anyone else who ever had a childhood.  Despite being raised in the rush of the city, I have always had deep, internal connection to the countryside and the "farmers way" of life.  I often tell others,

"I was a farmers daughter in a previous life".   

Even though I have no official experience or exposure to farming;  it all feels very instinctual, easy and natural to me.  

My life is coming full-circle!!  

​During my first pregnancy in 2009, I was diagnosed with what doctors thought to be GD (gestational diabetes).

Unfortunately, the diabetes did not resolve once I gave birth.

I had NO IDEA what its was to be a diabetic!  As a RN, I was firmilar with the basic physiology and treatment of diabetes,  and it was common knowledge, that diabetics were notorious for being non-compliant.  Non-compliance can and does frequently result in blindness, multiple amputations and premature death!  I QUICKLY become sensitive to the reasons behind this common perception:

 ........being a diabetic just F%*K@^G SUCKS!!!  

To even stand a fighting chance at beating this horrendous disease, you MUST be compliant.  

Doing so, is much easier said, then done!  This disease consumes EVERY SECOND OF YOUR LIFE!!!!  

With that being said.......

I'm REALLY just an ordinary

40 year old chic who is trying to

"love what I do & do what I love",

 this is my journey.....


   ​​​​​In February 2015,​ I embarked on a journey to better my health.  I had spent the last year being an insulin-dependent diabetic (with no family history of diabetes), using an insulin pump.  My official diagnosis: LADA.  

I was determined to find a better way! 

  To say the very least, this journey has evolved into so much more then I could have ever imagined!  I've learned (and continue to learn) the consequences of making better choices, encouraging better choices, being pro-active, and resilience.  I've also begun to understand the consequences of sustainability and how it effects most aspects of our everyday lives.  ​So, as my journey evolves and 2015 comes to a close, the changes I'm experiencing are unimaginable.  I am currently FREE FROM INSULIN and I want to shout from the rooftops with excitement!  

The Hippy Hen is just ONE of the amazing opportunities

that I have been blessed with, in the year that everything changed!  

TheHippy Hen

is my rooftop

and this is me shouting!!

So as I turned 40 and my life is coming full-circle,  

I'm embracing the opportunity to learn and discover

all that life & Mother Nature has tor us in our own back yard.  

My hope is that you feel inspired!

​ Im excited to share my journey with you!

I hope you enjoy reading it

as much as I have enjoyed living it!  

If I can do it....ANYBODY can do it!